BTG's - Early August?

Does anyone have experience going to WDW in early August? I booked 8/6-10 with the hope that the Brazilian Tour Groups would be gone by then, but now I’m getting nervous that they could still be there.

We have been there the end of July to mid-August the last few years. I would love to tell you that the tour groups aren’t going to be there, but they will be. For the most part, they won’t matter at all in your day. You will find the occasional teen saving a spot in line and then 20-30 friends come to join him/her as the line moves forward. On the flipside of this, there are people from the United States doing the exact same thing! You’re there to enjoy your vacation anyway, so I always ignored crazy people (no matter where they were from) and focused on my family (as long as they weren’t the crazy ones!).

if you book your dates based on whether or not there will be certain groups visiting or not visiting at that same time, then you are booking for the wrong reasons.

don’t focus on what you can’t control. have a good time. you’re in Disney.

My big annual trips usually occur during our April vacation week. At that time there are usually a lot of “senior” trips. Last July was my first trip during a popular South America touring season. I personally prefer the summer tour groups. Both groups can travel in large groups but I found that most of the tour groups had adult supervision and that can make a big difference in behavior.