Brown Derby Lounge?

I currently have an ADR for dinner at the Hollywood Brown Derby. I’m excited about it, but I’m also looking to scale back on some expenses. Does the lounge have indoor seating? I’m pretty sure that I can’t order off of the full menu, but the lounge menu has the cobb salad and the creme brulee, which are the things I’m most keen on having. Any thoughts? Would you say that I’d still get a good experience at the lounge instead of the main restaurant?

Ate there (in dining room) beginning of this month and might be in the minority here, but not impressed, especially for the $$$. Was our only disappointment. We didn’t think the Cobb Salad was as great as it’s made out to be- all the ingredients finely shredded, like they were tossed in a food processor. Both got the chicken breast and the combination of ingredients was odd (red sauce, fava beans, prosciutto). I did REALLY enjoy the crème brulee, though.
In retrospect, I would’ve never spent this much ($173, including drinks, tax, & tip for 2 people for Fantasmic! pkg) on lunch- would’ve sat in the lounge and ordered apps or skipped altogether.
I do think I saw somewhere that you can ask for a full menu in the lounge, but can’t confirm. And all of the lounge seating is outdoors.

Thanks for the opinion, it helps. The seating is pretty much the deciding factor for me, so it looks like I’ll hold onto the main dining room reservation. I’ve actually only ever had a Cobb salad with finely chopped ingredients, so that’s not an issue for me. I’m glad to hear the crème brulee was good. Guess we’ll see what happens, I’ve still got months to change my mind!