Brown Derby/Fantasmic package Oct. 1 2015

I have a question about what to do regarding this:

My wife and I currently have reservations at The Brown Derby as part of the package to get VIP access to Fantasmic. I know this is a prex fixe menu, which means we are stuck with the amount of food they give us. Herein lies the problem. My wife and I always split a meal when we eat out. She takes a few bites and is full and it keeps me from overeating - normally it works out great. However, in this instance I am afraid we will be stuck with a huge amount of food we can’t possibly eat and, at the package price I refuse to let anything waste. To further my problem, we are stuck with a 5:15pm reservation instead of the 6:30pm reservation I wanted, which is really too early to have dinner and then go to Fantasmic. Actually, my plan has us going to Voyage of the Little Mermaid after dinner and even then we will have almost an hour to kill before Fantasmic. So my questions:
Can we take leftovers to go at the Brown Derby? (I already know the answer I think) If so, problem solved.

As part of the package with Fantasmic, I assume we will both have to have our individual meal (and the individual price to go along with it)?

Since I didn’t get my desired time so we could dine and then walk over to the show, should we make our reservations regular ones and just do Fantasmic as a Fastpass. Will we get the same perk of not having to gather for the show an hour before?

HBD is delicious but incredibly slow. I would not count on having much if any free time to kill before Fantasmic. I would assume you could take food to go but have no idea.

FPP still requires you to wait in line, so either slowly eat at HBD and have guaranteed seating or eat quickly and wait in line. I’d just chill and enjoy the HBD experience.