:-( Broken toe - Trip starts in 17 days

Owwie! I’m pretty sure I just broke my pinky toe on my right foot… and our trip starts in 16 days.

Any tips, tricks, or advice? I don’t know how long this will take to heal, but I want to hear from you if you’ve had any experience with this sort of thing, healing time, and possibly getting around the park for (10) days after the fact.

Can I heal in time? Should I be worried?

I really don’t want to get a EVC for this trip… I wanna walk with my hubby. But if I have to get one, I need to research and reserve no later than next week.

Thanks for any help you can offer!
~ Imaginette ~

They don’t do anything for a broken toe. If it really bothers you you could get a plastic toe splint and tape your toes together. I’ve broken my little toe several times but other injuries took presidents: sprained ankle, torn cartilage ect…


For some reason ai used to break my toes often when I was younger. I always just taped the broken toe to the toe right next to it. I think you will be ok for your trip.

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If you are having a lot of pain walking you could use a knee scooter:

This is one of the less expensive ones that Amazon has. I used one like this last March at the parks and it was so so great. It made it so that my foot pain did not ruin the trip for me (like it did the previous trip). I love how I was still standing, which means I wasn’t looking at people’s back-sides all day. Also it’s human-powered which means you can go as fast or as slow as you want, and you don’t ever have to worry about charging the battery.

If you are flying you can gate-check it (just remove the basket and carry that on…cause it can get smashed in the cargp-hold). It’s not a problem on the bus or monorail or anything. It’s light enough that you can carry it up the stairs or onto the bus or whatever. This thing really saved me.

Two weeks ago I had surgery to correct a problem that a trip to WDW started 18 months ago. I’m headed back to WDW in 59 days, and you’d better believe I’ll be taking my little friend with me. I even made a cover for the basket and knee rest that are Minnie Mouse themed. Super cute.

If you decide to use one of these I suggest getting a roll of KT tape from amazon to put on your knee, even if you are wearing pants. It will help with the rubbing and prevent raw skin.

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I’ve btoken my little toe many times and the heal pretty quickly; I don’t think it will be a serious problem in 17 days. Loose shoes and thick socks has always worked for me.

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I’ve never broken anything, so I can’t speak to that. But let me just say:




How awful for something so seemingly minor like that precede your trip. Hope you heal quickly!


LOL - found this out the hard way!


for getting back to me, good info and tips, I really appreciate it!

And @BeckyTemp13 - I think my Mom can use that device, daily… so thanks! Maybe I’ll put it on my just-in-case Amazon list, because we need to see how this goes… lol

Becky, I hope your trip in 59 days is amazing! Thanks for all the tips!

~ Imaginette ~


It might not be broken, might be just really badly bruised but it doesn’t change much to the situation. My own broken pinky hurt for more than 17 days but it was very bearable after the 1st week or 10 days, just took very long to completely disappear. I am sure you will be fine ! :slight_smile:

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I’m sorry to hear this!!
I bruised/ strained my pinky toe a few years back, it was painful. The hardest part was the stairs!! It didn’t hurt as much walking backwards down the stairs, going up was fine. It help to wrap up my foot in an ace bandage making sure my pinky toe was flat against the others. I was almost back to normal after two weeks.
Good Luck!!

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Usually only broken toe problem is a fractured “big toe” because it supports lots of weight and helps in walking. The “pinky toe” break is really common . Most discomfort only lasts a few days.

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Love the pic.

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Aw, thanks! :smiley: