Broken toe before Disney World

My kids mother and two of my kids are going to Disney World Sun Jan 22-26. She broke her toe about a week ago. Is there a way to rent one of those small scooters from Disney?


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Currently they only offer wheelchair and ECVs - a third party rental company would be your best bet.

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Been there, done that. The hard soled supportive shoe the orthopedist gave me worked fine on our trip.

There are companies that rent knee walkers, rollators and other equipment, for example:

There are many scooter rentals but these are the ones I quickly came across with knee walkers

Additionally, you can of course get ecv’s in parks. Maybe she can try walking and if needed, get an ecv?

I’d recommend a scooter as well.

My parents use ECVs from Scooter Bug. Order ahead and they will deliver/pick up at bell services if you’re staying at a Disney hotel. No need to meet them.

I broke my toe the morning of our trip a few years ago. I ended up using tape to hold the broken toe to another toe. I didn’t end up getting a scooter reservation but that would have helped! My toe was a mess after getting home from that trip!

I broke my toe two weeks before my spring break trip last year. Everyone is different, but I would never have made it with a knee scooter at WDW. I ended up renting an ECV from Buena Vista and was really glad I did.

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My daughter had a bad ankle sprain 2 years ago and there was a “crutch shortage”. There was literally no where to rent or buy crutches anywhere near us, so I ordered one of those knee scooters from amazon. It put a lot of pressure on her knee and she didn’t like using it for long - I don’t think it would be a good option for Disney.

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I was going to say - I tried one of these when a family member had one, and it’s surprisingly tough on the knee. I imagine using it for a full day at a park might put a lot of stress on your knee and/or other leg. may be worth a try, but good to have other options too.


We are dealing with the same issue. DD10 broke her toe about 3 weeks ago. We bought a scooter off of amazon. She is now in a boot and can put some pressure on her foot, but walking for a day in the park is a no go…

The feedback I received was that, for the parks one of the “all terrain” knee scooters with the inflatable tires work better for the parks.

We don’t go until 2/1 so I won’t know until then… but we are prepared to rent a wheelchair if the fatigue sets in.

Edited to add link to show type of scooter…

Does/will she have a walking boot? Ages of the two kids, if you don’t mind my asking. First time WDW or experienced?

My thoughts:

I can walk unaided even tho I have had arthritis for decades. Like from a parking lot into a store or doctor’s office.
Walking at Disney - unaided - wears me out, quickly. Like from the bus stop to the tap styles at MK or HS.
5 years ago a cane was enough aid to keep me going, all day and keeping up with family.
Walking with a cane keeps me upright - which at barely 5 feet tall could be construed as not much up. :wink:
I had occasion once to be wheeled around MK in a chair. I couldn’t see as well. I didn’t care for the optics of being in a chair. And I felt horrible for the person pushing the chair. :hot_face:

When I need to push a cart in a store I’m amazed at how unarthritic I feel. That cart is like a lazer tag suit and a cape.

I had considered - in December 2020 - that a rollator may be indicated. In June 2022 I tried to continue with the cane. That trip convinced me that I need to quit denying and get a rollator.
Which doesn’t use batteries. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll buy a rollator. Maybe you can rent one.

Maybe @SirGreggLadyV can give you better info on rollator vs scooter.

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Rollators are hard on the hands and shoulders, but are good for being able to sit and rest. Knee scooters look nicer than crutches, for sure, but I’ve never used them. Not sure how great they are for throbbing toes, though. I could see how they might be painful for one’s knee.

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Oh yes, too much knee pressure.

The knee scooter could be a great aid for daily living. WDW Touring maybe not so much. But then, there’s not much that does stand up well to all those steps.

I’m wondering if a mom with two kids might find a rollator more . . . flexible (?) than an electric scooter.

I can’t see myself using an ecv. I can’t ride a riding lawnmower without my vertigo kicking in. :upside_down_face::face_with_spiral_eyes::smile:

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DH just had almost 2 months with one of those knee scooters after a major foot operation. I couldn’t imagine trying to use it outside all day at a park. It was very good for inside just to get around the house. It was hard on him in a number of ways. All that being said I broke a little toe once and didn’t have much trouble walking around in the special shoe.

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I love your way with words @janamelia ! :blush:


gawrsh! :relaxed: