Broken Link on Dashboard

On my dashboard is a summary for the trip I selected (including my resort). First there’s a line that says the name of the resort I selected and on the next line it says “Requesting Room: (click to find a room)”. Both the resort name and the words in parentheses are links. The links are identical except that the link for the resort name is incorrect. This happens regardless of the resort I have selected.
For instance, Caribbean Resort shows this link when I click the resort name:
And this link when I click “click to find a room”:
The links are identical except that the first link has a period where there should be a slash. The link does not take you to a Caribbean-specific page.

When I click on the links the first link brings me to the list of all the room categories with links to the room finder. The 2nd link brings me to the CBR room finder page?

Correct, the first link is broken with one incorrect character and it takes you to a default page that is not specific to Caribbean Beach. Switching that period for a slash would resolve the problem.

You can make up your own bad links that start with hotel_maps and they will do the same: