Brining food into park

I understand that DL security checks backpacks upon entering, but how WELL do they check the bags? The 2 amusement parks near out home (6 Flags and Great American) also check bags and don’t allow outside food, but we’ve always been able to bring sandwiches in to the parks and no one really noticed or cared - of course we always understand that if they find the sandwiches, we do run the risk of losing them - does anyone have any advice or experience re this?

They do check bags more thoroughly than ever before; however, Disneyland absolutely allows outside food as long as it’s premade and not just the stuff to make sandwiches.

Also no glass allowed, unless it’s baby food in a baby food jar.

And, officially, no alcohol.

Officially, no food at DLR

Hmm, interesting. We always have food with us, security always sees it, never says a word. Usually it’s just snacks like trail mix, fruit snacks, etc. However, we do bring meals from off-site from time to time. This weekend had McDonald’s with us and they declined to check the bag after we opened it for them. We have brought a pizza box from the Pizza Press for dinner too (in February or March) and they clearly saw it, declined to inspect it and let us right on through. We enjoyed that pizza with a Mad-gerita from the Mad T Party event that is very much within a Disney park.

The picnic area is after security so I guess it wouldn’t be up to security to enforce it. It would be up to the CMs manning the turnstiles to prevent food from coming across the turnstiles and they are occupied with getting you in and verifying that you are you, or setting up your multi-day ticket to verify that you are you, so there’s a very big loophole here in being able to bring food. I think as long as you avoid hauling in a full on cooler (which is also not allowed), you’ll probably be just fine to bring food in.

They may say “no food”, but from my experience, they let you bring anything except for glass bottles or alcohol. I always bring a few bottles of water with me and that’s never a problem. I also bring snacks.

Thanks to everyone for their feedback!

Went twice last year, with an entire lunchbox full of stuff for my kids and security never blinked an eye. I agree, no glass or alcohol. Water in refillable Nalgene-type bottles was totally ok.