Bringing Food into Baseline Taphouse

Has anyone grabbed food from one of the quick service restaurants and brought it to Baseline Taphouse?

Thinking about trying to MO at ABC Commissary - at least a sandwich or two, and then grab drinks and more snacks at Baseline. I’d prefer to sit at Baseline, if we can.

Also, what do crowds look like, there, at dinnertime? 6:30ish. I didn’t see a mobile wait line, like Nomad. Does that mean it’s less busy?

I think it closes at 7 so the later the better probably for crowds. I saw people bringing other food in to eat on their open patio. There’s no table side service so you should be fine.


Excellent! That’s my new plan. An evening on the patio with beer and sandwiches.
Looks like they’re open until 8 for my date. Yay spring break. :roll_eyes:


This. It doesn’t feel quite the same as bringing things into other spaces.