Bring on the QS suggestions

So for the July trip, we are trying to lower what we usually spend on food. We are doing CG for the 4th (my pick) and SRT on the 5th to watch Illuminations (DH’s pick).

For the rest of our trip, I’m trying to build a list of QS (with the occasional more budget friendly TS). We’ll be staying at the Dolphin but plan to have a few resort hopping days. So bring on suggestions of your favorite foodie approved QS spots in all of WDW parks and resorts included. The only thing off limits is water parks since we won’t be visiting those on this trip.

The Mara at AKL Jambo – and you can bring your meal to a savanna viewing spot to watch the zebras and giraffes while you eat!


My list: The Mara at AKL, Captain Cook’s (for the nachos), Satu’lli Canteen at AK, Tangierine Cafe at EP

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Random thoughts:

The sandwiches at Fuel at Dolphin are pretty darned good.

I’m all about Flame Tree’s spare rib platter with a side of onion rings for quality and value. Don’t forget the onion rings. The full spare rib platter can easily feed two adults. We share it between two adults and a 10 yr old boy, and we are well sated, with the knowledge that we’ll still be having a dole whip from tamu tamu.

I still have yet to try a full chicken dinner at Picabu (Dolphin) to feed the fam. Wannna be the guinea pig?

I’m also a fan of Columbia Harbor House’s tuna sandwich at MK.

For budget friendly TS, there are a few at your resorts worth checking into for price vs quality.
I’m a major fan of Kimonos. Decent sushi at not Disney prices. Il Mulino is often said to be one of the best Italian restaurants on property. Fountain is decent, but I find it to be overpriced by about 2 or 3 dollars per sandwich, so it’s pretty close to Disney prices.

I tend to judge on quality for price since WDW quality is haphazard at best, however, the prices are always high. One 15.00 qs meal can be complete trash, while another one will make you think they are undercharging. For the quality, I think Flame Tree’s rib platter is almost a bargain. It’s not gonna be the BEST ribs you ever had, BUT, for the price, in WDW, they are better than they have to be. Did I mention to get the onion rings?

Letdowns for me:
Pecos Bill fajita platter - enough food for two, but, imo, complete trash.
Sunshine Seasons - Mongolian Beef - mostly filler of carrots, and uncleaned snap peas.

If I were you, do your research, but do not overlook what you have right in front of you at Swan/Dolphin, when possible. Since they are not Disney run, they might be better.

If you really want to save money and eat well, eat off-site. I recommend going to Disney Springs, as they have tons of good restaurants at reasonable prices. I hated all of the quick service restaurants we went to at WDW (horrible food, too crowded and too expensive). This might not be an option for lunch when you are at WDW, but leave the park and go off-site for dinner.

Eat at Picabu at the Dolphin! They don’t have a huge selection but what they do have is great! I had nachos there 3 times for meals. It’s a huge amount of food, easily enough to share.

The Fountain at the Dolphin is also good.

I only had breakfast at the Yak&Yeti QS window, but it was really good, and I enjoyed lunch at Yak & Yeti, so I’m betting the QS lunch there would be good too, I’d definitely give it a try.

Y&Y breakfast was so yummy!

Use mobile order if it’s available. We would find a place to sit and then order our food from there instead of standing in line. When it’s ready just walk up and pick it up!

We liked Columbia Harbour House, Peco’s Bills. The QS in the America pavilion wasn’t too bad either. Had a Caesar salad at Pizzafari that wasn’t too bad for a basic salad.

So many other places I want to try!