Breaks for Afternoon in Parks June Trip

In doing the TPs for parks, what is the usual time planned for breaks?
Since HS and AK usually take less time to tour? if that’s what I recall reading in the book is an afternoon break necessary. It’s me, my SIL, my two kids DS age 7 1/2 and DD age 13. We would probably take a break for MK and EP, maybe HS since we plan to see Fantasmic. We did do ParkHopper so could consider seeing parades, fireworks as parkhopper if that’s a good idea. I"m new to this. First time trying to do TPs as it’s our first visit every!
6/22-6/29 staying at WL.
Thanks! I don’t know what I would do without this site! I’m a big planner and I’m becoming addicted to this and the Lines Chat!

There’s no set time to take breaks, but we like to leave the parks between 11 and 12, and come back around 5. That gets you it out of the high heat of the day and the worst crowds, as most people arrive around 11. It’s also a good time to recharge especially if you were at rope drop. I know my kids (DS12 & DDs8) couldn’t do rope drop to close every day.

That being said, I usually don’t take a break from AK. Also, doing that you would miss the festival of fantasy parade at MK, so you might want to adjust your plans if you want to see that.

Thanks @Agent_C. Do you typically schedule your FPP selections for the afternoon?

We typically leave the park after lunch around 12:30ish and come back for our dinner reservations between 5-6. I have younger kids (4/6) but the break to swim or do stuff at the resort was just as appreciated by the adults (we’ve historically gone in May/June or August) to get out of the heat or crowds.

Last time we were there they were just starting FP+, and we did schedule in the afternoon. This trip I will also be scheduling in the afternoon. We find we can get a lot done early in the morning and save them for later.