Breaking up the meal

Can you break up your meal if using a meal plan? For example- can I go back latter to pick up a dessert if I am not hungry at the end of a meal?

I have never heard of that happening. when we signed our bill at a TS meal, it took off one credit automatically. there was no break down if you took the dessert or drink offered.

Thank you!

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You could always take it to go.

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For some of the QS at the resorts, I believe you can come back a little later for dessert - like an hour or two. I’ve done it at POR.

Not with a TS. You would need a second ADR if it was possible.
At CS, for the frozen desserts, you can ask for them to hold it until you finish eating. They give you a receipt to return to get it.

I did this at POFQ. They gave me 1 hour from when I purchased my meal to come back and get the dessert. I don’t know how they would do it in the parks though.

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