We are planning our meals. It is a way that my son and I get excited about the trip is plan all of our food tour of the parks.

We will looking at breakfast menus and noticed that Rancho del Zocalo does not serve breakfast. Is that correct? And if so were are the tamales and mickey mouse pancakes?

Rancho used to serve bfast but sometime recently they moved bfast to Red Rose Taverne in FL and they do have Mickey Pancakes, but since Red Rose is French bfast instead of Mexican there are no tamales.

There are however, tamales at Flo’s V8 in DCA for bfast.

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We are also looking for good breakfast places - is Storyteller’s cafe worth it - I am looking at places that get us up and out and to the entry gates in the hour before opening - we’d like to be done by 8 - can make reservations but not sure what’s best Brea at 8 or Character breakfast at the disney hotels at 7 am when we are coming from a good neighbor hotel. It’s really more about good, varied food for us so buffets appeal. We can’t get into DCA early but I’d love to eat in each of the three hotels. Breakfast doesn’t interfere with starting our touring plans on time. Looking for advice. Thanks in advance!

It will depend on where your hotel is. If you are entering off of Harbor, you won’t be able to get to the Disney hotels in time as security won’t be open. When we stayed on Harbor we had problems getting to the hotels by coming in off of Harbor Blvd.

If you can easily get to the Disney hotels, we have had good luck at the Storyteller’s Cafe and the buffet at the Paradise Pier.

Thanks @lolabear_la

I forgot I could search the menus and everything has changed since we were there in January. We are all disappointed that Rancho is not serving breakfast because they had something for everyone in the family. Now those things are scattered. :frowning:

We almost always stay on Harbor & when we do, we access the hotels that way & have never run into issue with security not being open for when we need to access DTD or the hotels even early in the morning. Maybe the times you’ve had this happen are not usual procedure? Also, even if security does open right at 7am and that is also the time of your reservation (would most likely be 7:05am), then you’ll be just fine to make it to the restaurant a few minutes late. We once came 30 min late to Goofy’s & they still honored our reservation just fine.

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That is so weird. We have always had a problem getting though. (It was probably their way of making us stay on site LOL!)

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It is crazy how different Disney can do things & people just happen to see it all one way on the days they go!

I need more of this in my life to convince me that onsite is worth all the extra $$$$!! Hehe