Breakfast then IG

Is it a good idea to book a breakfast at a resort near international gateway around 9 and then head to Epcot that way for an 11:00 opening?

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It’s certainly not a bad idea. Might want to back it up a little bit till like 830 because they have been opening more on the order of about 1015 for a published 11 o’clock opening

In December, we had a TAF breakfast at 8:30 and were first in line at IG by 9:30 for an 11 open.

Isn’t that, you know, crazy?

I think 8:55 was the earliest available time I saw. I was figuring an hour for breakfast. But i don’t know! Is that realistic? It is it likely to take longer? I think that would put us at Epcot about 10:15, which I realize means we can’t probably rope drop.

And I just checked again and an 8:20 opened up at Ale and Compass. Maybe more time than we need but that will allow us to be leisurely.

Our A&C breakfast only took 35 minutes. But we did know what we wanted ahead of time so ordered right away.

Oh man! Maybe I should stick with the 8:55.

To be fair, the ADR was 7:05 so that may have made a difference?

I would keep the 8:55 and plan on getting there early. I think the mobile check in is available 15 minutes early.

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That sounds like a good plan, thanks!!

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Um not when you are RDing Frozen, sir. We were through security at 10:05 and in the queue by 10:20.


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We aren’t staying on property. Will we be able to leave our car at the resort for the day? And do we pay when we get there?

Is there any consensus about which entrance at Epcot gets you in faster right now? My main concern is getting to the Frozen Todd ASAP for my little one.

YES! We stayed off property 1 month ago, left car at YC parking and walked to HS. No cost and no issues!

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