Breakfast options to make rope drop

We are staying at BeachClub and hope to make rope drop for each f the 4 main parks in turn.

Any tips about how to manage breakfast? Eat on the way, at the hotel or once we get into the park (though I imagine to get the benefit of rope drop we will want to focus on a rides 1st)?

So much depends on how early you rise. Generally, I’d say eat in the room. Then it’s out of the way and you won’t be starving waiting for the parks to open.

You’ll have more time on your Epcot day since it’s just a 5 minute walk. On that day, you might want to go to France for breakfast.

I would grab something from the Marketplace or walk to the BW bakery

I plan on getting a delivery of groceries and eating breakfast while we get ready in the morning. I think this will save a lot of time from ordering food, waiting for food etc… I will also be ordering some breakfast snacks-to-go in our groceries so that if we sleep in, we can dress and get going quickly and eat while waiting for bus or in line while waiting for RD.

We usually pack some of those assorted breakfast cereal small boxes, bowls & spoons and then buy a gallon of milk on site. Makes a great quick breakfast in the room (or a late night snack) for those mornings we went to get up early and don’t have a breakfast ADR.

Thanks Damavs; do you ever find a breakfast ADR and rope drop are possible?

Sure - either have an early ADR that’s pre-rope drop. That gets you in the park early & typically you can time it up that you’re finishing around the time the park opens or ideally a touch before. The other option is to do Rope Drop & then have a late ADR for breakfast. Last trip we did the welcome at MK and had a 9:45 ADR at CP. I’d have preferred an 8AM or so, but it worked out OK as we rode 7DMT and then headed over breakfast. It’s likely not an optimal use of the morning though as you’re not maximizing the rides, but it’s a good breakfast and we had fun with the characters…

One nice thing about a breakfast ADR as we typically would only snack mid-day and then look for an early’ish dinner as we were loaded up with food from the breakfast…

It has worked out well for us to have breakfast in the room (cereal, toast, oatmeal, yogurt, etc.). There’s a lot of watching-the-clock while on a Disney vacation so we prefer to start our day in the most relaxed way possible so that we aren’t rushing and frazzled even before RD! :wink:

We actually gave up a pre-RD breakfast at Crystal Palace during our last vacation because it became too much of a headache to wonder if we would be out by the time the park opened, if we would be too full to spend the next several hours in the park, if the kids would be too over-stimulated first thing in the morning, etc. We love RD at MK - such a sweet way to kick off the day!

When we stayed in hotel at UOR last year we stocked up on muffins/breakfast bars/juice and had quick snack breakfast as we got up - weren’t certain fridge would be large enough for milk so didn’t risk cereals. Then hit RD for 1st few hours and did late breakfast/early lunch about 11am. That could be a QS stop, eg starbucks, or a full sit down ADR depending on where we were and what the plan was for rest of the day. Hoping for BC studio next trip so likely to do similar rather than mess around heading out of room for breakfast.