Breakfast options on the last day?

We’re taking our second Disney cruise in the fall, but long enough ago not to remember. If we have early seating, they assign a really early breakfast time in one of the restaurants on the last day, right? If we don’t want to eat before 7am and we can’t order room service, are there any other options for breakfast before we leave the ship?

You can eat at the buffet. Not sure what the hours are exactly. We are going in three weeks, so if you aren’t going before that I can try to get more information and get back to you.

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Do not think the full buffet is open. You will breakfast at the restaurant you had dinner the night before. If you are early dinner then you are early breakfast and same for late.

Disney Mom’s Panel and other sources online said the buffet is open on the last morning.

"Now, if you’d prefer, you can grab a quick bite to eat anytime that morning at Cabanas buffet instead. "

I’m not sure that means it’s the full buffet, but it should be an option.

ETA: Touring Plans blog also mentions the buffet for the last morning:

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Thanks guys, this is great. Looks like I won’t have to be in the restaurant by 6:45am on that last day. 7:30 is a more realistic estimate of when I can get the crew moving, LOL, not to mention my poor mom, who is NOT a morning person. I still need to do some research, it looks like. Can I still take everyone to the buffet if we’re not doing Express Walk Off? Laurel mentioned she liked the last quiet coffee at the Cove Cafe, so that sounds like the Cove might be an option on that last morning, which would also work (I can run and get some coffees and pastries to bring back to the room, maybe).
We aren’t going until November, so I have plenty of time to figure it out! Thank you for the offer, @armandl. :relaxed:

We were second dining (even loved it with young kids) so I don’t think we ate until 9ish on the last day. I thought we would feel rushed, but not at all! You are assigned a dining room with your same server. That’s when you can deliver additional gratituities if you would like. If you aren’t in a huge rush to catch a plane, I suggest taking the time to enjoy the sit down!

Just got back yesterday. Cabanas was open the last morning and full of people. We just went in to have a look after eating at our rotational restaurant, so we were there around 8am. This was unadvertised, however, and I couldn’t find what exactly the hours were. All the information given out is that you go to your last rotational restaurant again for either the early seating or later seating or that Cove Cafe is open.

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Thank you so much! I think I should find something else to stress over, because this totally looks like a non-issue. So nice of you to report back! :relaxed: I hope you had a wonderful trip!

We did have a great time, just over too soon. I chose to stress about rental cars!