Breakfast on Day of Departure

We are staying at Wilderness Lodge. Our departing flight leaves at 5pm. I’m assuming we will need to be in the lobby by 1pm for transportation, etc.

What breakfasts do you recommend for our day of departure? And what time? I’m looking for something that is easy enough to get to/from Wilderness Lodge and give us enough time to wrangle 2 young kids, plus our stuff for departure.

I thought with a 5pm flight we would have a “casual” day, but the more I back-out the timing, it’s not as casual as I expected!

Edited to add: I currently have a 9:10 reservation at the Grand Floridian. My kids won’t know any of the “real life” characters…and would probably be grasping to name anyone besides Winnie or Tigger. I’m thinking about making a reservation at Trail’s End - it’s simpler and I’ve always liked it there.

We enjoyed breakfast at Whispering Canyon. You wouldn’t have to leave WL. Kona Cafe at Poly has a good breakfast menu.

Why wouldn’t you just enjoy WCC since you’re already at WL?

We are doing dinner there one night and I was looking for something different.

Then I would go with a monorail resort

All 3 monorail resorts have decent breakfast options - I’d probably choose based on the character set your kids would enjoy the most: Chef Mickey gives the classic big 4, Lilo & Stitch at the Poly or the English group at GF. The “face” characters at GF do give some different interaction with the kids as they can talk which may be a good thing. The Poly will do a “parade” every so often which can be fun for smaller kids.

It also probably depends on what characters you have seen so far and if your kids would enjoy “saying goodbye” to Mickey or not…

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I love Kona Cafe at the Poly.

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I like The Wave @ Contemporary. Those who like a buffet breakfast can have that, but if someone only wants waffles and coffee you can also order a la carte.

Didn’t they change the Magical Express back to 3 hours so you wouldn’t need to plan to be there until around 2 pm. I’d just eat a super light breakfast, get my luggage taken care of and get checked out, then eat lunch at Whispering Canyon at noonish.

That sounds way more relaxing to me than rushing to eat a big breakfast and get checked out by noon and then have 2 hours to kill time.

It was still 4 hrs on Sunday night. They wanted to get me for 6pm for a 10pm flight. As it was I drove off property at 645p, stopped for gas, returned rental and still sat at my gate for well over an hour.

Hmm, I’ve read that it’s going back to 3 hours this week. (Unless the OP is international, then just ignore my bad advice!)

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Oh that would be nicer. 3 hrs is still overkill in some cases, but in other, busier times, it’s just right.

As I said, my note was regarding this past Sunday.

Someone else told me this same info. When I called a few weeks ago, they said 4 hours, but supposedly it changed this week. Fingers crossed!!

I wound up doing breakfast at Trails End. Easy enough to take the boat, enjoy a meal and then head back for our insanely early departure.


O’hana’s breakfast is awesome, it’s a great character dine and the food was wonderful also. So if you wanted a character meal that’d be my choice, but to be honest with packing up on the last day and getting ready to leave. Staying and eating at Whispering Canyon may make more sense.

Ohana’s breakfast is one of our traditions and you can be in and out in about 90 minutes.