Breakfast in the MK

I want to eat at The Crystal Palace at 8am on one of my MK days on my upcoming trip. I went to make a reservation and I can not get anything earlier than 9:30. I can get reservations for Be Our Guest and Cinderella’s Royal Table, but I can’t eat with Pooh that early?

I just find it funny. Ten years ago I - and my daughters - would have been thrilled to get a CRT breakfast reservation for 8:05!

We are having dinner at BOG and we don’t want to pay $$ for CRT, and I just want to get to the parks super early that day…my son was joking that all the reservations have been taken up by a few tour groups. I find myself wondering if that could be true?

Anyway. Pooh being a hotter ticket than Cinderella just makes me laugh! :smile:

The only ADR that will actually get you ahead in your touring is BOG! That is a great ADR!

I second the BOG recommendation. I greatly enjoyed BOG breakfast, it was a different experience from dinner (I got to pick the dark & moody West Wing for breakfast), and if you’re motivated to get through your meal, there’s nothing slowing you down to get to 7dmt or wherever before the RD crowd storms in.

CP was much more time consuming, and we had to wait for the characters. I also find buffets to be so chaotic and difficult to manage with a little one, I appreciate having my food brought to me. I also thought that CP was pretty expensive for a loud and crazy atmosphere, mediocre food, and (IMO) poorly-managed character interaction. We could not discern a pattern for how the characters were visiting tables, and inevitably Tigger or someone would show up while we were forking up food and didn’t have the camera ready to go. I though that was stressful.

Well - Ok then! Thnaks for the good advice. I just made a BOG Breakfast res for 8:20. If breakfast moves along as speedily as lunch, it will work well! Plus it is less pricey. :smile:

My husband will think it is weird to eat there again but he won’t miss the frenetic crazy at the CP! We remember having relaxed breakfasts - no characters, no reservations - there and part of me is trying to recapture that…even though I know it can’t be relaxed ever again!

This makes me think I need to start another thread about how to relax at Disney on this particular trip!!

I would arrive before 8:00 and check in. There have been reports that they will let you in with the first group.

We got in well before our 8:30 reservation time at BOG, fwiw.