Breakfast Ideas

I am having trouble finding somewhere good to have breakfast the day we are visiting Hollywood Studios. I am looking for a CS or somewhere we can eat something quickly. Breakfast places at DHS seem to be lacking. We are staying at the Beach Club. Any suggestions?

Do you want quick service? For table service Cape a May or Ale and Compass are both good choices.

Yes, I am looking for quick service but I am open to table service suggestions. Thanks!

Quick services: the small counter in the Marketplace, or Boardwalk Bakery.

I think the only thing open for breakfast in HS would be the Starbucks. From the BC the Boardwalk Bakery is an option. It opens early, but can get crowded for breakfast.

For me, breakfast is coffee and a pastry of some sort. Writers Stop was always my go-to, but it’s now gone (I believe Starring Rolls is also gone). I would probably stop at the Starbucks now. There might be something over in the Fairfax Market area. I just checked menus, and the Trolley Car Cafe shows about a dozen savory type breakfast sandwiches and wraps

maybe pack some breakfast bars/pop tarts and fruit if coming from in US.