Breakfast: Grand Floridian Cafe or Steakhouse 71

Hi, I’m trying to plan one breakfast close to MK for one of the days I’m there. I will be using Uber/Lyft and not sure which is easier: GFC then Monorail (or is the boat easier/faster??), or Steakhouse 71 then walk over. I’ve only ever done the TTC over to MK in the past so I have no experience with getting to either resort in the morning or to MK from either resort. Which resort is easier to get to via Uber in the morning and which resort is easier to get to MK from? Thanks for your advice/experience!

Both resorts will let you get dropped off with an ADR. You can also walk from GF these days. I think GFC will be an easier ADR to get for a while.

Thank you! This is great advice. Is it easier or faster to get to MK from one resort vs. the other?

I think contemporary is closer, but can walk from both.

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I’m wanting to try both on my next trip but can only pick one :thinking: I’m leaning towards SH71 just because I want to check out the updated CR lobby. But both menus sound delicious!

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Is the walk from Contemporary faster than the monorail (or boat) from GF? Sorry to have so many questions, but I’ve never been to either. Thanks a million!

I haven’t done either of those routes either, sorry! I’m sure a more knowledgeable liner will chime in!

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The monorail would be the fastest option. It is one stop.

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I think walking from the CR is the fastest way to get to MK. Mainly because there is no waiting for a boat or monorail. No chance of getting stuck, you control your destiny. I usually book the Wave breakfast, park as close to the gate guard as possible, and then have the shortest walk back to the car at the end of the night. Go with Steakhouse 71.