Breakfast at the Parks

MK: Main Street Bakery
EP: Sunshine Seasons
HS: Starring Rolls
AK: Pizzafari
Are there any other counter-service places where I can get breakfast in the parks?

The French bakery in Epcot world showcase is open for breakfast and is reported to be very good.

MK : gastons sweetroll, cheshire cafe muffins.

MK: Sleepy Hollow - waffle sandwiches. The nutella and fresh fruit one is to die for, and the egg one is good too.

AK: Kusafari Bakery in the Africa area has nice baked goods

HS: Thinking of trying Writer’s Stop next trip. Pastries, coffee etc. I see that opening hours vary, so not sure if always opens at RD during slower seasons.

Starring rolls and a window near TSM were only other options last trip. Starring rolls was a total mob scene midaug, so I was looking for another choice next time.

Wow, more places than I realized! Thanks!!

Do you have to use the International Gateway to access the bakery early in the morning? Seems there are ropes up between Future World and World Showcase until 11:30ish.

Gosh, I don’t think so. Don’t think you can go anywhere else in world showcase though. I’m sure somebody will chime in if I’ve got it wrong, which is entirely possible!

Lol, the Nutella/fruit waffle was already on my list of “must tries” this next trip. If I’m able to get it for breakfast that’s even better!

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We had it for breakfast on a chilly, rainy morning in February, and everyone inhaled theirs.

Christmastime two years ago found the temps many mornings in the 30’s! Add a cup of anything hot with it and I’m good. Nutella…YUM!

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Writer’s Stop has amazing (and huge) Carrot Cake Cookies…with cream cheese filling!! I could eat one of those for breakfast, yum!

Those carrot cake cookies are probably my favorite snack in WDW.

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Use disneyfoodblog’s restaurant search tool. There are lots of filters so you can limit to in parks, counter service, breakfast, etc

After I ate at Starring Rolls for breakfast (yes, a mob scene), I noticed a place next door was open (can’t remember a name but it seemed like a bakery). I only remember it because my boyfriend loves strawberries and the bakery had a strawberry muffin – but Starring Rolls did not. Does anyone know what that bakery is called? This was almost 3 years ago.

I think Writer’s Stop is the place next door.

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Writer’s Stop is beside the SciFi Dine In. First shop after Starring Rolls (if you’re walking towards ToT) is called Sweet Spells. They also sell fudge, fancy apples, cookies, etc. Kind of like Main Street Bakery in MK.

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@kcaseybooks, I’ve never used that site, but it is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!!

Thank you, @SallyEppcot and @aunel. Based on location, I must be thinking of Sweet Spells, but I looked at the menu for Writer’s Stop – and I’m adding it to my list.


I had both places on my list of places to peek into when I took my family to HS last February. If you see the carrot cake cookie at either place, it’s definitely worth trying, in my opinion.

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