Breakfast at Plaza Ice Cream Shop

I read that they’re serving breakfast prior to the new opening show. Does anyone know what they have? I’ve seen a menu for Casey’s, but can’t find anything for the Plaza.

This is where I saw it:

Someone in my January Liners FB group posted this, for anyone interested.

I hadn’t read that the Plaza would be open pre RD - everything I’ve read says Starbucks and Casey’s before 9.

I had to look into the doughnut sundae. If you’re also curious, Disney Food Blog has a review. Sounds a little too rich for me early in the day.

LOL, a little too rich is the understatement of the year. My body would violently protest if I ate that at 8am. I was desperately hoping for something like breakfast wraps…

Waffles at 8, sundae at 10.30. Sorted!

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Does anybody know if gluten free Mickey waffles are available?