Breakfast at Hollywood and Vine and Jedi Training

We have an 8:05am ADR for Hollywood and Vine in October. I also have a son that really wants to do the Jedi Training Academy. Can anyone give me an idea of how long breakfast will take? I know he has to be there to sign up but I don’t want him to have to miss out on any of the characters at breakfast. I have seen various reports of what time you are allowed to get in line to sign up. Sounds like it varies a bit. Also, any experience with signing up for the Jedi Training and what time show you got would be appreciated. We want to get a FP+ for TSMM and not sure what time to try for. Thank you!

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We did not have an ADR so I’m not much use for the meal timing questions, but from our experience arriving to DHS at 8:30 on a 9 park open: Jedi Sign-ups had already started even without the park open (it seems they are very inconsistent on this). The line was long but moving quickly so even though I told my son we wouldn’t wait in an hour long line for it we got in it at about 8:35. Got to sign-up tables at 9:20 and 2 minutes later had his return ticket with a time and were moving forward to our first attraction.

With you having an ADR and if you will have two adults with you and one adult is willing to eat fast and miss characters, I think your best strategy will be to go to breakfast & get started there, get kids meeting characters. Once the second adult has had a chance to eat, send them to line up. Even if the sign-ups have started already my experience above was from a CL 4 day so unless your day is a really really really low CL I doubt the line will be any shorter and that adult can place hold for you and allow your son to finish meeting characters and then you can join the other adult in the line. So long as you can meet up before the other adult gets to the sign-up area, there should be no issuing joining up. The end of the line is very open allowing for your party to join you and once the line gets long, especially if it’s after rope drop, it’s more the norm to have one adult wait while the other takes the kids to do one thing first.

You also have the option to try to arrive super early(30-40 min before your ADR) to get a jump on being first if they do open the sign-ups at 8 and you & your party can hussle to the Outpost and make it to the ADR by 8:05. You would really have to be one of the very first few groups and they would have to open up sign-ups right at 8 or even a little before. If they’re not doing sign-ups early then you can easily head to breakfast and still execute the above strategy but with a little more flexibility for 2nd parent to scarf down breakfast to join a building line.

The good news is Hollywood and Vine is right near the Outpost so very little time & effort is needed in going between the two.


When in October? If it is a slower park day you may be in luck. We did HV breakfast and it took about an hour and we saw all characters, maybe slightly less than an hour. Helps that it’s a buffet type serving. Funny thing was that the day we signed up for JTA was actually a different day, we arrived at the park after NOON, went straight to the outpost to sign up and got (the last of the day, but still…) spots for both my kids in the 8:00 show. It was first week in December, slow season.

When we were there in February, we were able to sign up before our pre-RD ADR. We were at the park about 7:50 and were signed up by 8:00 and seated for breakfast by 8:05. We chose the first show, so we had about 45 minutes to eat. We weren’t there for the characters, so it didn’t really matter for us. That having been said, I believe all but one of the characters had gotten to us by the time we had to leave.


I am having a similar dilemma. I have the same time for my H&V ADR in a little over a week but I am considering canceling it.

Last year we had our ADR at 8 am and saw 3/4 characters in about 45 minutes and then left to go sign up for Jedi before the crowds were let in. We were first in line for sign ups and took the first spot at 9:20 am. It was a little slow to meet all of the characters but I think you would meet them all in 1hr. Also, it looks like they have done away with the 9:20 spot and the first spot is now at 10:10 am (at least that is what it is showing for May).

Now it seems they are sometimes letting people sign up before park opening. If that is the case I will happily cancel my ADR. I wouldn’t want to miss the sign up for Jedi (or get stuck at the end of a long line) if they are letting people sign up while I am eating breakfast at H&V. If anyone has been there for pre park ADR or done pre park Jedi sign ups in the past few weeks I would love to know what the current procedure is.

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Thank you. That’s really helpful! We will have 4 adults so your strategy of sending one to hold a place in line will be no problem. My CL is supposed to be a level 4 too, so that should work great. What time did you get for the show? Trying to figure out what time to try to do the FP+ for TSMM.

We are planning to be in the Studios on 10/17. It is showing a CL of 4 for that day.

Wow, that’s great! Sounds like you got lucky. Maybe we will, too. :slight_smile:

We wanted a 7:10 show so thst was totally available. By the time we got to the desk the earliest that was available was 1:10. I found it worked better to plan for a later show and not have to rearrange my morning on what time got for Jedi Training but I know some kids are just so excited to do it and want to do it first, so it can be done. We also had a TSMM FPP that day for 9:35am.

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I didn’t realize they let you pick your time. That will make it much easier. Thank you!

They most definitely let you pick your time. If a later time works for you, go for that and your life will be easier!

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Excellent thank you!

I am a first timer and also deciding on keeping my 8:15 adr next week at H&V. Is anyone having luck with pre-adr JTA sign ups?

Poking around this site and elsewhere on the interweb, looks to me like (as of recently), they are allowing ADRs to sign up for Jedit pre ADR and pre RD most days that are moderately crowded up to very very crowded…? But please report back after your trip and let me/us know how it worked for you!

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I just posted on another thread about this. We were there April 13th. Had a pre-RD ADR at 8:50. We were in line around 7:50. We were able to go in the park at 8ish. Went right to JTA signups and then checked in for our ADR (early and were sat early!). We picked the 4th show because that’s what worked best for our TP. Very easy.


We just got back from an amazing trip. It was our first trip and we had an awesome time. We arrived at the park for our 8:15 reservations around 7:30 and were allowed in at 7:45. Once we entered the park they allowed us to go straight to the Jedi training signups before heading into the restaurant. We were able to sign up for the 10:10 training which my kids (ages 4 and 8) loved. They also let us in to H&V at 8:00 so we did not need to wait until our 8:15 reservation. It was a perfect day!


Awesome!! Thanks for the update. :slight_smile:

Curious as to what time you had seen all the characters? were you able to do TSMM before Jedi without a FP please?

It took between 45 minutes for all of the characters to come around. We didn’t try to do anything before the 10:10 jedi training (arrival 9:40) but you should have plenty of time if you’re reservations are at 8:00. Hope this works for you. Have a great trip.

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