Break at Magic Kingdom

While at MK I would like to schedule a short break (about 2 hours) for my almost 2 year old DD to nap in the stroller. We will be there with my DH’s parents and I know they would appreciate grabbing a drink somewhere during this time. As there are no places in MK except TS restaurants to get an alcoholic drink, I figured we could ride to one of the monorail resorts, so I’m looking for suggestions please!

Also, remind me, can we keep the stroller out on the monorail or do we have to fold it up?

Thanks for all your help!

Strollers should be fine on the monorail unless it’s full then you might need to fold it up.

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Disney Food Blog just mentioned today that the only places to get Wine, Beer, or Champagne was at Table Service in the Magic Kingdom.

I would head over to the Polynesian if I were in your shoes. There are a couple of lounges over there and plenty of seating in the lobby.

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I would do Poly because I love sushi. However, there is a really cook lounge at the Contemporary, too.


Usually you can keep stroller open on the monorail especially if it is not a busy time of day. Having had my little ones nap in strollers in the past, I would hesitate to plan on a monorail ride during that time as the change of scenery and loud noises associated with the monorail may Interfere with going to sleep or may wake them up. You might think about walking to the Contemporary instead, the 10 minute boring walk could put her to sleep. Or maybe they could even just walk in to a TS such as Skipper Canteen for a drink if it is an off-hour for meals. Then they could enjoy their drink/nap in AC peace without leaving the park. The tricky part of scheduling nap breaks for us has always been that my kids may or may not fall asleep according to my schedule, so it helps to be able to be flexible and break whenever they pass out! I have had WDW restaurants allow us to bring a stroller in to our table with a sleeping child in the past.


I highly recommend taking a boat to Wilderness Lodge and enjoying Geyser Point. It is such a great, relaxing location with a terrific menu of drinks and appetizers/food. We used that as our break location on a trip in January. The little one took a nap in her stroller while the adults enjoyed a cocktail and bit of food.


I thought of that one but the Contemporary is sooooo noisy with the monorail there and Chef Mickey’s.

I would do geyser point at wl or a lounge at CR (not all are noisy) outer rim at CR is supposedly quiet, although I’ve never been there

I am going to suggest GF and the Grand Floridian Cafe.

I’m absolutely not judging anyone, but this particular movie scene always pops into my head and it seems to fit here, so here ya go:



Isn’t Outer Rim next to Chef Mickey’s and Contempo Cafe?

it is, but I just read a couple reviews that said it was quiet…maybe not

As someone who legit had her (first) baby’s first birthday in a bar, I frequently say this to myself.

PS my cousin owns the bar which is also a restaurant (and it’d been a really tough year).


We took a break at Geyser Point on our trip last week. It was very relaxing. We had veggie burgers and they were great! It was raining and we were still sheltered. Perfect break. Wasn’t planned which can sometimes make things seem extra special. I would say have a plan, but follow your instincts in the moment. That is always our motto. Some of the best times we have had are when we stray off course a bit. That said, we always start with a plan.


Thanks everyone for all the advice. I think I’m leaning towards taking the boat to Geyser Point as it seems to have a great vibe. Thanks again!

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My cousin had her daughter’s 1st (and 2nd) in a bar with cupcakes featuring Beyonce wearing a bathing suit. It was Coachella themed. She’ll be 3 next year so we’ll see if the trend continues.


This would definitely be my second choice. I will warn you, though, that the lobby at WL is LOUD. Really loud. Back by Geyser Point should be chill, though.

I like your cousin and please do update when the 3rd birthday happens, @chrystalturner . I need to watch that movie again, thank you for the reminder, @heidelj.

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We always do a 2 hour break and go visit the Poly when we’re at the MK. I love the decor, the music, and the rum drinks. The kids love the Dole Whips. My husband loves the sushi and the air conditioning. We sit upstairs in some of the chairs and chill. Plus, the kids love riding the monorail over. They consider it a ride.

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We also really like stroller naps at the Poly! It’s so quiet and relaxing and plenty of drinks available!

Couple notes for logistics: you can keep strollers open on the monorail and the big TTC ferry. You need to fold on the resort launches. My DS1 slept fine on the monorail mid-day when it’s basically empty. But if you are going to the Poly, the mono drops off on the 2nd floor and there are only two small elevators so we usually get off the mono at the TTC and walk to the poly. Keeps the baby asleep!