Bread for sale?

Staying at Pop, no car, no grocery shopping or ordering groceries, but do they have bread for sale anywhere nearby?

My best recollection is that they have packs of 2 slices of bread in the pastry area of the food court. But no full loaves of bread. Haven’t been there in few years though.
Hoping someone with more recent experience can confirm.

If you resort hop, you can buy a loaf at any of the DVC resort locations in their little marketplaces.


You might get bread at Fort Wilderness. I got a box of Pop Tarts there for my son to eat because we were going to HDDR. When I was in my teens my parents rent a camper for that. Most campsite places have food for campers. It will cost more that groceries stores but less than resort markets.

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No idea.

But your post made me think of this, instantly


If you’re an Amazon Prime member, one option is just order off Amazon and have it delivered to the resort. I’d suggest scheduling the delivery a day before you arrive just in case - but my guess is that’s the easiest/cheapest solution. Although if you’re not a Prime member, it may not make sense…

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I’m pretty sure you can get a loaf of sandwich bread in the tiny grocery section of the gift shop.

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I googled and found a 2012 response from momspanel saying: “The cast member informed me that they do not keep the bread out on display. However, if you ask the cast member specifically for bread, they will be able get it from the back.”

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I bought a loaf of bread and peanut butter at gift shop at the Boardwalk Resort before, but that was a few years ago.

I loved this idea but then I looked and its $20 for two loaves of Wonder Bread!!

Hmmm - that search changed since I checked the other day. The $20 Wonder Bread isn’t available Prime and I know the other search was returning something Prime and it was far cheaper. May be worth monitoring, but it of course won’t do you any good if no one is offering bread via Prime the week you need it.

Even DIS prices are likely better than $10 a loaf of Wonder bread. Right now Prime is only showing gluten free bread & something that is “Original Brown Bread in the Can” which sounds…Interesting.

Brown bread is primarily a New England thing. I grew up with it. It does indeed come in a can and is ready to eat! But, it’s better if you wrap it in foil and heat in the oven. Then slather with butter.
I know that isn’t helpful to the original poster, but this is a thread about bread… Figured I’d throw this nugget of wisdom out there.


FYI - there is now a Wonder Bread “pack of 4” that’s Amazon Prime eligible for $3.04. 4 loaves is way more than you could ever eat in a week I imagine, but the price is low. This is what I saw previously, but it had disappeared yesterday:

Whether it would be there the week you need it is of course the real question…

I see the bread!! I found lots of other stuff I could order too to fill my pantry box. That’s really a pretty good deal! Thanks so much!