Brand name for make your own t-shirts?

Thinking about making our own T-shirts (freezer paper method) and have a pretty good handle on how it is done.

I found a website that sells plain t-shirts for imho pretty fair price, but I have no idea what brand to get. They have Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, Jerzee, Champion and some other names I’ve never heard of. I just don’t know which brand will stand the test of time/washes and take the fabric paint well. I know 100% cotton will shrink fast, but it sound so “cool” in 90 degrees.
Any suggestions?

I have had good luck with Hanes (they fit my tall lanky husband the best). I need to pick mine up soon, which website are you going through?

Hanes is the way I was leaning too because they are tagless for my ASD son.

I’m looking at 15 total shirts for about $60 with tax and shipping charges.

I bought plain shirts for kids, and more shapely v-neck ones for adults at Old Navy…they took the iron on transfers well, were cheap, and have since washed up pretty good.