Boys and autographs

Are the boys as interested in autographs as the girls? I’ve been going back and forth on whether to do autographs this year with DS5 and DS2.5. We’re planning to trade pins and maybe play SOTMK and I worry that autographs may be too much.

My ds7 loved autographed as much as his sister. He turned 5 on our last trip and could not get enough of the characters and autographs. He even wrote his own for characters he met but don’t sign- Mater, Lightening, Mike and Sulley, etc.

We have never down pin trading though because my kids love characters.

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Last trip my son was almost 7 and hardly wanted to get in line with his sister who was 5. All kids are different.

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My boys were 5 and just turned 3 when we went last. They loved getting autographs. And I think it helped break the ice with the characters because it gave them something to do other than run up and hug them. They took turns holding our clip board with the autograph page on it and would walk up to the character with the clip board held high. And once the autograph was out of the way they felt like they could then interact with the characters. We did autographs our first trip too when they were 3 and 11 months. But I think that was for me. LOL! My dd was only 16 months when we went - she didn’t care either way. But I’m willing to bet she’ll be all about it on our April 2016 trip.
He’s my then 3 yo holding out the clip board.

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My ds4 loved meeting the characters and getting their autographs. He wasn’t that fussed at all about sotmk. It took a while to get going and with so much going on around him I think he was too interested in everything else.

My DS7 wasn’t interested in characters at all, he will be horrified that I’m planning to book lots of character meals next trip haha!

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DS6 is super keen to get more autographs in his book!

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My 11 year old got autographs in dl, no princesses in our house!! He was devastated though when he lost it and disney sent it to us full of princess signatures as well

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I’m sorry he lost it, but it’s pretty funny that Disney stuffed it with princess signatures.

Thank you for the input and the sweet picture! Your sons were about the same age mine will be on this trip.

Thanks. Maybe we’ll give it a try. DS5 is into characters, but I’m worried DS2.5 will flip out at them. He won’t go near Santa or the Chick-fil-a cow.

Mommy needs to have fun too!

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Watch YouTube videos of other kids meeting disney characters to help with this. My dd2 used to be really scared of chuckle cheese, Santa, etc. then I showed her you tubes videos of Mickey after some one suggested that here. Now she runs up to characters she sees at restaurants, even this creepy armadillo at Texas roadhouse. I was really surpirised at her quick change after seeing the videos. I can’t wait for her to meet Mickey now.

We haven’t done videos, but we’ve showed him the pictures of his brother with the characters at his age and put an ad with a picture of a girl hugging Minnie on his wall in hopes of making him more comfortable. Maybe we’ll try some videos tonight. Thanks for the suggestion.

My DS5 was always scared of characters before our Spring Break trip this year. The first thing we did was meet talking Mickey when we got to DW. I don’t know if the fact that Mickey could interact with him helped or what but he wasn’t scared or apprehensive the rest of the trip with any of the characters (although he did think that the TST Mickey was the only “real” Mickey the rest of the trip). Other than a character breakfast he only wanted to meet Buzz, Woody and Baymax enough to wait for an autograph though (over an hour wait for Baymax!).

I know it was hilarious, he has always been embarrassed by them. They did send a few other treats too a large crush, lightening and a few other lollies and stuff so very lucky. Lesson is always put your address in the book.

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Thanks for the tip! I hadn’t thought of putting that in there.

I brought up autographs to the boys last night and DS5 screamed “YES!!! Can we?” I guess he is into it.

My son is 7 and we just returned from our vacation to WDW. He loved getting autographs, but didn’t have interest in princesses at all. We got the main characters (Mickey and Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, Donald. we got Pooh and friends at Crystal Palace. He got Hiro and Baymax at HS greet and Dug and Russel at AK. He seemed as interested in autographs as his older sister, but she had interest in princesses too.

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