Bowling & movies

4 questions about resort activities:

  1. What are your favorite non-park activities?
  2. How much is bowling at Cabana Bay?
  3. Does Cabana Bay have the poolside movies like the other resorts?
  4. Are the resort activities restricted to that resort’s guests (I.e., if we want to see the HRH movie instead of the CBR movie, can we?)
    Plus, what’s the closest mini-mart kinda place that we could get milk and cream cheese? Is it within walking distance?

You ask such great questions! I have no idea since I am planning my first Universal stay but I hope others can answer!

Well, we only stated here for 1 night but we spent our time walking around all of the Universal area resorts and taking silly pictures. I googled for you:

Galaxy Bowl, 10-lane bowling alley and full-service restaurant: Offering everything needed for a boisterous bowling experience for children and adults. Features include food and beverage options (soda, beer, wine, hot dogs, churros) and music and video screens. Bowling is $15 per person + $4 for shoe rental, and if you have one to three people, that price gets you 1 hour of lane time. If you have four to eight people, that price gets you 1.5 hours of lane time.

North Courtyard: 10,000 sq ft pool featuring zero-entry, a sand beach, iconic dive tower water feature, and 100 ft waterslide.

South Courtyard: 6,000 sq ft pool featuring zero-entry, a sand beach, and Universal’s first lazy river.
Poolside activities: Hula hoop contests, dive-in movies, ping pong, pool tables, and more.

Universal Orlando Resort Store: Offering sundries, guest necessities, newspapers, magazines, etc., as well as Universal and Cabana Bay Beach Resort logo merchandise. (SMALL BORING STORE)

Jack LaLanne Physical Fitness Studio: Offering cardiovascular equipment, and an open area with mats, medicine balls, Bosu Balls, and rubber dumbbells, and locker rooms. (NICE FACILITY)

Game-O-Rama game room. (SMALL< BUT WE SPENT $20)

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Cabana bay has movies at the pool

You can go to the others if you want to pool hop for movies.