Bourne show question

Question—to understand the show, do you have to have seen all the movies, certain movies, only the first movie etc?

I think only the first movie would be fine. My son enjoyed it and he hasn’t seen any of them!


Nope. I love that show and have never seen any of the movies. It is such a great show!


Bourne is a highly-trained US agent who’s gone rogue because of bad guys in the government. The government bad guys are trying to track him down and get him back.

The show is terrific. Exceeded my expectations. Strong recommend.


Wait—you’ve never seen any of the Bourne movies?!? I’m not sure we can be friends anymore :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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None of my family had seen any of the Bourne movies, but loved the show. My DS11 bought a Bourne Stuntacular ball cap.

So, to answer more shortly…no, no need to have seen the movies.

The bigger concern is that the show will spoil the movies.

Not remotely.

Nope! I may have caught a few minutes here and there when Carson was watching them, but have never seen one it is entirety. I also have never seen a Harry Potter movie.


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Why do you say that? The pre-show pretty much reveals all the details you would learn from watching the movies.

Oh. I wasn’t really concentrating during that bit. I made the tactical mistake of using the EP line. That put me right at the front of the pre-show area, where it is very hard to see the screen. So I stared at my phone and posted to TP.

But spoiling the Bourne movies is like spoiling Sixth Sense. The movies are a hundred years old.

Except that the Bourne movies are really action movies. I don’t think knowing the plot would spoil your enjoyment much. Knowing the Sixth Sense spoiler basically makes the entire movie a waste of time.

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Oh, agreed. But if you don’t want to be spoiled, it is worth knowing that the pre-show will spoil the “mystery” of Jason Bourne.

Probs best not to read my spoiler post earlier in the thread, too.

It has Bruce Willis in it. It’s never a waste of time :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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It’s a really cool show — the video screen technology is amazing. For me that was the highlight but wife enjoyed it because there were some cool stunts/effects

If you’ve seen the first one or the trailer for it you’ll be fine.

Thanks, everyone! This has been really helpful!

Weapons and gunfire are a big part of the show incase anyone in your group startles or are bothered by loud noises. PTSD is a consideration also. It’s a great show!

It is a good point, although the guns just sound like cap guns. They don’t sound the least bit realistic.