Bouncing all over the park

The optimized plans that are suggested for me have us walking back and forth, ALL over the park. It’s two rides in one land, then two rides in another, then back to where we started for a few more. How can that possibly save us time???

The attractions that are most popular in each land are ideally done early, late, or with FastPass. Other attractions can be done any time of day. For example, you might rope drop Space Mountain and then hit Buzz in Tomorrowland, jet over to Fantasyland to hit Poo, over to Liberty Square for the Mansion and eventually go back to Tomorrowland for attractions that rarely have waits like Carosel and People Mover. There’s more walking but you defiantly save yourself time. You want to zig while others zag. Make sense?

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OK, that does make sense. I was thinking we would head straight for Mine Ride at MK on our first day there, because my kids want to ride it twice, but I know I’ll only be able to FP it once. I thought Peter Pan right after, with no FP, but the optimize button doesn’t like that plan. What do you think? Best to follow “optimize”, or check those two off the list first thing? Thanks in advance.

The 7DMT line builds very quickly and stays about the same all day. If you are not right at the front of the RD crowd you could easily be in line for the golden hour when almost all the other rides are very short or walk on. Without a FP the plan often puts 7DMT later in the day to allow more rides with shorter lines in the golden first hour. You can also ask your TP to minimize walking to avoid all the back and forth from land to land.

Problem is PP and 7DMT will have long standby waits all day beginning within minutes of park opening. If you do either at rope drop, you’ll seriously need to arrive at the entrance 45min early and be pretty aggressive staying in the front when CM’s walk you into the park.

For us, rope drop would be a choice btw the two; we wouldn’t do both as it would surely mean a long line for the second attraction. Waiting in a long line in the first hour means sacrificing shorter lines elsewhere.

But, if you must do both at rope drop, I’d guess that Peter Pan would be first, then 7DMT.

A more creative solution may be to stack all 3 FP’s in the start of your day (say 10,11, and 12) and try for a 4th FPP for Pan (since you said you have 7D) from your phone AS SOON AS YOU REDEEM YOUR LAST FP (tap your band to the Mickey) and before you even get on the vehicle for the 3rd attraction.

The only downside to FP pan is you’ll miss a fun interactive que. 7D had a cool one too.

Or, why not make 7D and PP 2 of your initial 3 FPP and rope drop 7D?

Also, I’ve been able to ride 7D at rope drop, circle around and ride it again before the crowds arrive. You have to really hustle though or have a breaky at BOG before park opening.