Boulder Ridge Wilderness Lodge 2-Bedroom Villas with 2 Queen Beds

My apologies if this information is located somewhere, but I cannot seem to find it. Will be staying in a 2-bedroom villa at Boulder Ridge in a few weeks. My understanding is that some of the 2-bedroom villas have 2 queens in the second bedroom while others have a queen bed and pull out couch. Is there a list anywhere of the rooms that have the 2 queen beds? We’d like to put a request in for one of those. Thank you.

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The different setups are in fact different booking categories. A 2BR with two queens in the second bedroom is a dedicated 2BR (the DVC member site just calls it a 2-Bedroom Villa). A 2BR with a sleeper sofa in the second bedroom is called a lock-off. This is effectively a Studio and a 1BR, with a connecting door which is unlocked if you book it as a 2BR unit.

So, which one you will be staying in depends on what category you have booked. If your confirmation includes the word lock-off you’ll have the sleeper sofa - if not, you’re good to go. :slight_smile:


Thank you! Didn’t realize it depended on whether it was dedicated of a lock-off. No lock-off here.

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