Boulder Ridge Studio Question

Hello! Quick question for all of you. Does anyone know the room number of the studio at BR that does not have a balcony, just a window? Thanks in advance!

I think it’s 4533

Thank you so much! It would be my luck to request that room! If you have any recommendations for a nice pool/lake view closer to the elevators, I would appreciate it. I’ve only stayed in the regular hotel, not BR.

We’ve never stayed at BR either, but will be trying it out this September. I’ve been trying to figure out where to put a room request in! We are also hoping for a lake view (and a higher floor).

Settled on 3543. Looks great according to these pics, and has a few good comments.

I also like 4539, and 4531.

Avoid - 1506-1516, 2508-2514, 3506-3514, and 4508 to 4514 (overlook a walkway that is planked in such a way to in effect create corrugations - loud and annoying, even at night). 4533 has no balcony.

I’ve played around on the TP room finder way too much, hoping the pics are accurate. :upside_down_face: hope you get a good room!

I’m thinking 4531. We’ll be there end of August - I’ll try and remember to let you know how it goes! We’ll be there 10 nights, so we want a good location & view. I guess everyone does!

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And yes, I’ve spent WAY too much time on the room finder! :rofl:

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Awesome - thanks!! :grin: