Boulder Ridge refurb underway - Aug 16th

According to reports on the DIS forum work started this morning on the 5th floor.

Not seen it reported on a news site yet, so treat as unconfirmed for now.

But yay!


DH wants to visit Wilderness Lodge in November if the tree goes up while we are there. I just KNOW I’m going to want to buy BRV afterwards!


It is about time!


FINALLY! It’s about dang time. I can’t wait to see pics!

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I was excited when the current issue of Disney Files arrived. We bought BR resale last year before I learned of the upcoming refurb. I was more than a little anxious because I really hate what they did to the regular lodge rooms when they “updated” them. We tried Copper Creek and for us it was a little too generic hotel room. To my surprise, I really love the new look as it was featured in Disney Files! I can’t wait to stay there again next year!


Good Morning,
We are staying at BRV in June if new pictures became available can someone please post. Thanks

If you’re a DVC member there were quite a few pictures in the latest Disney Files.

I’ll have to search for where photos were shared recently. There weren’t as many but gave a taste of what’s to come.

Welcome to the forum!

Thank-You very much. I would be very interested in see pictures members have posted. :grin:

Here’s a few pictures.

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You may have to swipe through this a few pages to see the refurbished BRV pictures.

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