Boulder Ridge Deluxe Studio vs Yacht Club 12/17

We have trip planned 12/17/19-12/23/19. We are going back and forth between YC and BRV. Traveling with our three sons (11, 14, 17) and this will be our 7th trip to Disney but so excited it is our 1st for Christmas! We have stayed at Poly, OKW, BW, AoA, and YC on previous trips. We usually stay at least 10 days so this trip is short for us! Have to cram as much in as we can with all the holiday events and Star Wars! We love YC but have been debating trying something different. Some questions to help with deciding on where to stay this trip…
-the proximity of YC to Epcot and HS vs the wonderfully holiday decorated BRV which I have heard so much about
-sleeping arrangements better at YC with the 2 queen beds vs pull out at BRV
-how is transportation at BRV…are buses consistent?
-easy to get to quick service at BRV to grab coffee in morning?
Thanks so much! I know both are wonderful and I can’t go wrong with either. Just want to be sure we are maximizing our time while we are there!

I would choose YC for proximity to HS and EP. There’s so much to do holiday wise at EP, it would be nice to be able to pop in and experience a country or two each day. HS is obviously where all the Star Wars fun is. And if the decorations at WL are a big draw for you, plan a meal at Geyser Point (or any of the restaurants) on an MK day. You can take the boat back and forth.

Or there’s always the split stay :slight_smile:

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