Boulder Ridge 2 Bedroom Room Views

We are renting points and are staying in a (dedicated) two bedroom villa at Boulder Ridge in a couple months. While doing some prelim room view research, every two bedroom I’ve looked at (two dozen or so?) says that the room has “1 king, 1 queen, 2 pull out sofas.” However, everything I’ve read says that dedicated two bedrooms have 1 king, 2 queens, 1 pull out. Am I missing something?

For an example, see here: room 2549

That description of 2 pull outs are for lock off villas, which is a 1 bed and a studio connected.

Not sure which ones are dedicated, sorry.

I understand that 2 pull outs are for lock offs. But every two bedroom I’ve looked at has that description. Even the one I link to (room 2549) and the rooms on it’s right and left (rooms 2545, 2553, 2557) says that it does NOT have a connecting room, but says that it only has two pull outs/one queen.