Bottled water for the cruise?

Is bottled water a must for a cruise? I know that they they check a case of water with your luggage when you get to the ship… But do we really need it?

We will be at WDW beforehand, and taking ground transportation to port… and we will be flying into Orlando to begin with… So I’d love to not have to lug bottled water through an airport and through the resort… and then to port!

If we REALLY need it, I can send it with a friend who will be driving to WDW the same week we will be there and I can get it from her then.

Just wondering what everyone’s opinion is on bringing it on the ship. Thanks so much!!

The water in the machines that they have are filtered and tasted good. It is nice to have the water when getting off the ports though and for your room so you don’t have to walk down to get a drink if in room

It’s mildly convenient. Nothing anywhere close to “a must”. Water on the pool deck is free, filtered, cold, and available 24 hours a day. And the same goes for Castaway Cay - you can get free water there at either of the restaurant locations. I wouldn’t spend time, money, or stress worrying about bringing a bunch of bottles of water.

You can buy cases of Evian on the ship as well, they’ll be selling beverage packages everywhere when you board. We did it our first cruise b/c we didn’t know any better, big waste of money in my opinion.

The filtered water in the machines tastes great, we normally bring a larger water bottle from home and transfer the water from the small 8 oz cups into the bottle and put that in the fridge so if we need it to take a pill or something it’s in the stateroom.

The fridges aren’t really big enough to keep all the water cold at once and I think the water from the machine tastes better and is also colder.

Thanks, guys! I will probably just bring refillable bottles (or our resort mugs) and drink the ship’s water. Seems like a hassle to worry about traveling with 15lb case of water all week :wink:

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Another option that I tried on my last trip is to have some shipped via Staples to your WDW resort - it cost like $8 for a case, no shipping. You will drink most of it while there, and then just transport a few bottles to the ship with you to have as back up drinks for those times when getting the ship water is not convenient. Also, if you are planning on exercising a lot, consider a CamelBak or similar water reservoir that you can refill.