Booking with Orbitz

Just thought I’d add my experience with Orbitz since I see a lot of varying reviews and instructions on how to do it. I was hesitant myself but turns out it was really easy.

Just for background I originally had an 8 day trip booked direct through Disney with the fall discount. Orbitz sent me a code for an extra 20% off. Decided to make it a split stay and change my original res to 4 nights at POR and book 3 nights at AKL through Orbitz. I left my tickets and everything attached to my first res so I only booked the room itself through Orbitz.

Before making any changes I signed into Orbitz priced and booked the room at AKL.

I immediately got an email with the booking confirmation. It included the Orbitz confirmation number and in a little paragraph about MDE it also gave me the Disney confirmation number. Would have been easy to miss if I hadn’t been reading every bit.

Called this morning and adjusted my original res down to 4 days. Res # stayed the same all money paid stayed with that reservation.

Entered the new Disney reservation number that Orbitz provided, it immediately asked me who the other guest was since I had originally selected 2 at Orbitz, but they didn’t ask for the 2nd parties name. I just selected from my already linked family list. Then it was just there no hassle no fuss.

When I went to customize the magic bands attached to the new reservation it first gave me a box asking me to confirm or change the shipping address from the Orbitz address in Chicago. I changed it without issue and finished customizing them.

The whole process took less than 30 minutes. It was extremely easy booking through Orbitz and now we’re all set up for our split stay. So if you’ve been on the fence about it give it a shot, no trouble at all with it.

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Thanks for all the detail of your experience. I’m not sure why it makes me nervous to book with Orbitz. Sounds easy enough. Maybe I will give it a try sometime.

I did both parts of my upcoming stay trying the Orbitz thing. 2 Nights at AoA and 1 night at Caribbean Beach totaling under $390. Don’t think you could beat that. Had no problems linking the reservations in MDE, both sets of bands arrived, the magnet/booklet notices all came after I changed the address, I’ll find out next week if anything actually went wrong I guess.

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I totally get it, i had a weird gnawing feeling about it lol. I’m still not sure about buying tickets but it really went smooth for the room.

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I was brave enough last trip to buy tickets from UT. All went well with that and we saved over $45. Maybe I’ll step it up a notch and try Orbitz. Is there a discount code available to all?

I think REVIEW15 still works for 15% off and is a public code. Make sure to sign up for an account so you get their emails. I signed up maybe a month ago and they sent me the 20% off code this week.


I just booked w/Orbitz for a weekend trip in 2 wks (hubby surprised me by giving me the ok!!!). I accidentally put in just 2 adults & not my 2 kids. Orbitz said I’d have to cancel to include kids. Had already linked ressie easily to MDE & could customize Magic Bands for adults but not the kids. We have bands from last year for them they could wear just to have some. We are only doing MNSSHP- no other parks/dining. Should I cancel the reservation to include them? Will they even need the bands?

@GeorgiaBelle, I’ve never booked with Orbitz, but I’ve read many times in chat that you must call Disney directly to add the kids to the reservation. I think you did the right thing by not adding them with Orbitz. (I believe Orbitz charges you for the kids??) Did you buy tickets from Orbitz?

The Orbitz person you spoke with is wrong. You should always book just adults with them because they charge extra for kids where Disney does not. You need to get them to call Disney and add your kids. You can’t call direct because Orbitz is your TA. Try the online chat on their site I’ve seen lots of reports where this worked without a problem, even after calling didn’t seem to work.


Thanks guys! I will try the online chat w/Orbitz to get them to contact Disney. @scrapper1617 I bought MNSSHP tickets thru Disney. Fast weekend trip, so no other tickets.

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Thanks for the correction, @Outer1!!!

Sorry for the wrong info, @GeorgiaBelle! Have a great trip!!


I have done this twice. Using online chat, have Orbitz call Disney. If the Orbitz worker seems confused or tries to tell you there is a fee or you have to cancel, they are wrong. Hang up / disconnect, and get someone new. Good luck!


Okay this might be moderately off-topic but I feel the need to chime in because we just had this conversation last weekend. Make no mistake that you could get a good deal with orbitz but in the regular hotel chains (Marriott, Hilton, etc) they will fill their prime rooms with people paying full price, members and so on. Deep discounts get what remains. DH is in the hospitality business and they make room location decisions based on rates paid and loyalty programs. Not certain how this applies to Disney, but I’m sure it’s part of the game.

@paradisefalls I’m afraid you may be right. I usually only go through Disney. This is my first time going through Orbitz. Only went this route because we just decided to go on a whim (going to be a surprise for the kiddos!) and all rooms thru Disney on our dates & in our price range were booked :frowning: Fingers crossed that it all works out!

It will absolutely work out. You’re still at Disney! It’s whatever you make of it! Just wanted to put in a reality check. It could turn out to be the most magical trip ever!

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Don’t forget if your kids have any MB’s from a previous trip they can reuse them. Being able to customize MB’s is really the only snafu involved with the reservation since Disney doesn’t charge anything for the kids being in the room. You’re going to have a great time!

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Hi @Outer1. you are an Orbitz expert so I wanted to ask you a question. I booked our RO through Orbitz in October during the 20% off deal. Stacked that on top of the Disney Visa deal and so we got a great deal on YC during Spring Break 2015.

I only realized this week that the shipping address had defaulted to Orbitz’s Chicago Headquarters. I changed it to our home. But I also realize I have received nothing from Disney about our reservation. I have the Orbitz email and the room is linked in MDE (so are our tickets which I bought through UT.)

Should I have received something in the mail? A booklet or even a piece of paper with the room reservation?

Thanks for sharing any advice!

Nope not that I know of. Since its not a package the only thing you’ll be mailed is the magic bands and you already updated that address. The mbs for the part of the stay we booked through orbitz just shipped on Friday.

@BearsMom2011 that sounds like a great deal! We have a Disney Visa, how did you stack with Orbitz? I think I have DH talked into a trip just he and I next Fall but only for 3-4 nights. Definitely hoping for Disney Visa discounts at the time since we want to stay at YC, BC or BW.