Booking tours

Good morning! My 180 days is at the end of this month. My question is this: I want to book the Keys to the Kingdom tour part way through our trip. I know you can book tours at 180 days, but is it 180 days from the day I want to take the tour, or 180 days from the start of my trip, like the dining reservations?


i think 180 from start

We are going to the Keys to Kingdom tour (12/27) and if I remember, we were able to make it where the date was more than 180 days, but it was within the 180 +10 days since we are staying on property. It doesn’t hurt to call and ask.

I booked the KttK tour for October. I just checked my records, and you can book in the 180 +10 range. We’ll be there 14 days, and I tried to book it for the 11th day of our visit at 180 days out from check-in, but I was told I needed to call back the following day to book it, which I did.

Just to update. Today was my 180 days, and because I was staying on property, I was able to book the tour towards the end of our trip. The cast member said it works like dining, 180 + 10 if you are staying on property.