Booking Room Only WAY In Advance?

I got a room only quote for June 2019 from MVT for my very first choice of dates and resort. Clearly this is a long ways off and I’m pretty sure it is just the rack rate. In real life, we are flexible on dates and, possibly, resort (or at least room type/location) in order to get a “good deal.” Wondering if you all generally book a room this far out or do you just wait and see what comes up. I’m assuming if I put a deposit down the travel agent will keep me posted on other options as they are released.

Also, I would like to acknowledge that this is all motivated by my desire to be planning a Disney trip. I planned our first trip to WDW 57 days out and it was awesome. But I just want more (as I know you all understand) and June 2019 was as early as I could get the go ahead to go back from the other decision maker in my house. I feel compelled to plan. Am I letting this compulsion drive me to do something unnecessary and unhelpful?

TBH, I’d book, with intent to change.

Here’s why:

  • Your TA can adjust your reservation as newer discounts come out. Knowing that they have some on the books may influence what locations they try to get for agency exclusives
  • You can start putting $$ down against a reservation that exists - it will lessen the immediate cost as things get closer and keep you from diving deep into the “debt hole” when the trip comes
  • You can start looking at your travel dates for airfare and figure out what to budget for plane tickets
  • You have something “hard” to attach your blue-sky planning to. While you’re nowhere near ADR range yet, you can start to think about what it is you want to do - and you have a trip to block it against to check the “realism” of your choices, rather than leaving them blue-sky for longer. Putting them into your TouringPlans Dashboard will help with that as well.

I think the most important thing you can do if you book early is to be very clear with your TA about how much flexibility you have, and to give them advance permission to adjust your trip within that range. And then be sure to tell them how far out you need to solidify things.