Booking more than 7 days at 11 month window

when I log into my account and look to book a reservation starting on Jan 25 2020 (11 months from today), I seem to only be able to book 7 days out

on another thread in the WDW forum regarding renting, people are saying they can book 8 days or more at 11 months to the day through various rental agencies

does this seem right?

What I found stated you can’t do more than 7 days on-line, but that after you book the initial 7 days, you can CALL and add additional days as you reach the 7 days out from 11 months mark for each day.

That is, if you want to book 10 days, you can book the first 7 days at 11 months. Then, if you wait 3 more days, you can call them and add on the last 3 days. Since you are still less than 11 months mark for new reservations, you aren’t at risk of losing that reservation/room.

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did someone move that thread or was it always in the DVC category?

I moved it. I forgot there was a category for DVC specifically when I originally posted.

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thought i was seeing things…

Well, to be sure, let’s do a little test. If you click on this, you should see a picture of me. If you see anything else, you might be hallucinating (a sign of too much time thinking about Disney):



interesting, I was able to book for 8 days at 11 months, all in one transaction

You don’t have to call, you can modify it online now. We used to have to call to do it though, so if the thread was from last year it would have been true then!

You managed to do this on the Member website? That was a little bit of pixie dust, make that a huge amount of pixie dust.

ohhhhh no. I am not a dvc member. I was able to rent points thru dvc rental store then

Ah OK.

So the owner booked the first 7 days at the 11 month window and then added a day 24 hrs later. This will always work, unless a room is taken out of service.

Because the owner already holds the booking for a week ahead, no one can jump ahead of them the next day, since it will only be 11 months out from day 2. So that new person would have to be able to book from the firstperson’s day 2-8. It’s therefore pretty much a guarantee but not 100% guaranteed!

I can think of one time in the 3 years I’ve been on Mouseowners where someone posted that they failed to add on a day.