Booking in 2021

Thinking about booking our trip for late May 2021. We own at BLT and are hoping to book 5 - 7 nights in a 1 bedroom at BLT. How competitive is the booking going to be?

My thought was to bank our 2019 points so that we could use them with our 2020 points to insure that we could get a full week in a 1 bedroom at BLT even if we had to go up to a Lake view. We need to accommodate 5 adults so the 1 bedroom at BLT is essential.

Thoughts on how difficult availability will be?

You can go on the DVC site and look at current availability. It looks like all 3 1-bedrooms are pretty open at 11 months. The Standard room might be slightly harder to get, but you shouldn’t have any trouble with Lake or Theme Park View. That being said, for peace of mind, I’d book right at the 11 month mark.


In the past I have been able to get a one or two bedroom at BLT with no problem spring or fall as long as I book at 11 months.

This year I booked a 3 bedroom for the end of November at 11 months. Just hopping the are open again then.

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I think the only concern is that it is tough to figure out how many points this closure will add to the next year? I know if I cancel my September booking I might be looking to book a 1 bedroom in April instead of a studio? I don’t want to lose points in two years.


Yes, that’s my concern. More people will be banking points (like us) and increase the competition for 1 bedrooms which aren’t usually that competitive (especially at your Home Resort). Plus, our preferred season, late May - early June (formerly Dream season) dropped in point value. Theoretically, really good for us as we now have enough points for 5 weekdays in a standard view 1 bedroom annually, but in practice, this will mean more people booking DVC rooms during this season.

We prefer a standard view and are definitely planning on booking at 11 months out. We bought at BLT for several reasons; a big one was the lovely 1 bedrooms and the ability to book the standard view. It was competitive enough to warrant owning there, but not as difficult to book as something like a Value AKL room.


I didn’t know where to post this question and didn’t’ want to start a new topic: Can I book two separate rooms with my points, under my name, on same dates? Or would I have to modify existing one and put me or my hubby on the other room? I already booked a room for a moonlight night and my daughters and grandson want to join which would mean another room. I thought of doing a 1 room villa but if they can’t come then I’m stuck w/ extra space, at extra cost. I thought it would be better to get another room since it would be easier to cancel one room then try to modify to a smaller room. TIA for help here :wink: <3

You al, want to go to moonlight magic? You and your husband are both on your membership?

Hi PT… yes my hubby and I are both on same mbrshp

You can book 2 separate rooms for the same dates using your points.

I believe you need a member on a reservation to book moonlight magic?

I would call and ask ask but you cannot get extra tickets. You also can’t just rent points out and get tickets.

You need a blue card member associated with each room I believe.

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Here is what the DVC site says about MM reservations (don’t pay attention to the dates, those are specific to that particular MM event, HS I think):

Party Size Limits
A Member can register themselves and up to 3 additional guests per Membership (for total of 4)—or up to the number of guests on his or her Resort reservation, provided it was finalized prior to July 13, 2020. Children younger than 3 years old do not need to be registered for this event.

Members With Multiple Resort Reservations
If Members have multiple Resort reservations, additional party size guidelines apply depending on how the reservation was booked:

  • When staying using Vacation Points or Reservation Points, Members can register themselves and up to the number of individuals on their Resort reservation(s).
  • When staying using cash or RCI® points, Members can register themselves and up to the number of individuals staying in the same room as the Member, per Membership.

**ETA - so it would seem that if you are booking both rooms with points, you could register everyone for the event.

How can they tell if it is a rental?

Other Important Information

  • Valid Disney Vacation Club Membership Card and photo ID required at check-in. Member listed on the Membership Card must be in attendance.

Right, I am thinking of the online MM process. I guess when you log in there is the assumption it will see every booking on your dashboard regardless of who the reservation is linked to?

That would be my assumption.

I don’t know if Ai trust Disney IT that much, especially when booking MM can be challenging at times.

I think I ai would still put one owner’s name on each room (but I am always nervous).


Thanks everyone for your attention here. I did read those details shared above, by kerrilux, about booking etc. The site let me book another room but then DVC emailed to tell me that I cannot sleep in two rooms on the same night and asked how they can help LOL. I emailed back to tell them what I was up to and will wait to see how it all shakes out. I’ll keep you posted :wink: