Booking FPPs for days before hotel arrival day

So I’ve now booked myself into Beach Club, arriving on 1st July, departing on the 2nd. I think that gives me 60 days advance FPP for each of those dates.

But I’m actually going to be in the parks from Thursday 28th June — when will I be able to access those FPPs? I think I read somewhere that they might become live as soon as the 1st and 2nd July become live. So that I’ll get nearly 60 days for those dates, too.

Is that right?

When your onsite stay opens, every day leading up to that stay will open as well. You will be able to book days 60 and 61 and all of your offsite days.

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That could be a game-changer.

If I can bag a FOP (and Everest and Dinosaur) for the 28th, I can cancel my VIP tour and recoup some of the cost of the room :slight_smile:

And for the days from the 3rd onwards, you will still get a rolling 60 day window. So 60 days out from July 3rd you can book for July 3rd, then the next day for July 4th and so on.

As for FoP, most people are still finding they need 60 + 4 to be able to easily get an FP. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to get them, just keep checking. Everest and Dinosaur won’t be any problem.

Also, if you have your trip set up on your TP dashboard you will get notified of any extended park hours. If that happens, check for additional FPs during those hours. But you need to remember that if you already have Navii, you will only see times for FoP by modifying the Navii FP, because both are tier 1. Trying to modify one of the others won’t show FoP times.

I’m sort of hoping that as I’ll only be looking for a single FPP, I might have a better chance.

But I don’t know if I’m going to bother. I have the VIP nighttime tour, with guaranteed FOP (and, I hear, a bonus extra one at the end) and Na’vi and all the rest of it.

So I might just go to AK in the late afternoon just for that.

Which means Tusker House is out and I have half a day to reschedule.

Which is odd, because it’s not like me to change things.