Booking FP+ for Group of 7

We have 7 people in our group. As we approach our 60+ day mark, I want to be prepared for booking our FP+. I’ve read that booking for multiple people can be tricky. Can anyone give me tips on how to handle booking multiple FP+ during a busy season? We are going Dec 17-23. (We’ve been at Christmas a couple times before, but only with legacy FP, and only as a small family of 3.)

Thanks in advance!

I just booked our Fastpass+ for the week of Thanksgiving (Group of 12). Logged in right at 7 AM mark and didn’t have an problems. Make sure your group is linked in friend list. I made the “harder” fast passes later in the week. Just have a plan and know when your dinning reservations are…the hardest part was planning ahead of time. You have to be a little flexible, because you may not get the exact time you what, but I looked at being in a certain area of the park over a 2-hour window and book them at that time. Surprisingly, the only fast pass I didn’t get was the meet and greet with talking Mickey on our first day, the only time available was late afternoon when we were heading to EPCOT for dinner.