Booking FP after checkout date

Hi! We booked a 6 night stay at the end of aug at Pop followed by an off resort hotel. Since we have PH+ and a six day ticket, we might alternate water parks, parks and resorts days. Can I book a fp 60 days in advance for a date after I checked out of pop?

You’ll get a rolling 60 day window.

So exactly 60 days out from the first day offsite you can book that day. And one day at a time after that.

You’ll have 14 days to use those tickets. But you’ll only be able to book 6 day’s worth of FPs.

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it Confusing…

Tell me what’s unclear and I’ll try and clarify it! :grinning:

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OK, what I understood about fast pass is that you can start pre-booking them 60 days before the first day of your hotel reservation. For example, if I arrive on a Monday I can start my fast pass reservations 60 days before the date for all the days that I’m staying at the hotel. If I want to plan ahead, and use my sixth day fast passes on a day that I am not staying at the Disney hotel, can I still make a reservation starting the first day of my 60 days?

On the same day that I book my other fast passes for other days?

No, not at the same time as you can make them for your stay.

But you still get a 60 day window, rather than the 30 days most offsite guests get.

Let’s say your stay is from 1st August to 7th August. And you have 6-day tickets.

On the 2nd June, you can book FPs for the 1st to 7th August.

If you haven’t booked FPs for 6 of those days, let’s say you have 3 days left on your tickets,


On 9th June, you can book for the 8th August.
On 10th June, you can book for the 9th August.

and so on until 14 days after your first FP day. But you can only choose 6 days on which to book FPs.

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Got it! Cool! Since I am not planning on going to FOP after my resort days, I will book FS for HS, in case we missed a few attractions. My first HS day was supposed to be with an EMH at 7:00. Husband not on board with getting up earlier than 6:00 am. Thank you!

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You’re welcome! Good luck getting what you want.