Booking for summer trip

I am a teacher and our school has not released our summer schedule yet. We want to go ahead and book a room so that we can do our ADRs in a week or so, but not sure what dates we will be able to go. Our trip is either going to be July 3-10 or July 5-12. Is there a way that I could go ahead and book a room and then change the dates later and keep all our ADR’s? For instance could I book a room for July 3-12 and make our ADR’s for the 5-10 and keep them no matter what and book the same ones for the 3 and 4 and the 11 and 12 and cancel one of the two later on? Then when I rebook a room would I be able to keep all that I have. Usually I will find out our summer schedule by the beginning of March. Thanks for the help.

I’m pretty confident that your ADRs will remain in place, regardless of whether you switch your dates or cancel your onsite stay altogether. I think they’re totally separate! But… maybe someone can back me up on that… :wink:

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Yes, I will back you up! :smiley: you can keep your ADRs!


Ditto. Once a given ADR is within 180 days then it will stay on your MDE account regardless of what you do to your room reservation.

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Per advice from my TA last trip, book it for the whole time slot, then adjust as soon as you can need on your final dates. It’s easier to drop days than add them.

We were sure DW was going to get a certain week off, but booked that and the next just in case. Surprise, she didn’t get the first week, but did get the second, so we were covered.

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