Booking for July 2019

Here is what I am trying to do for my trip next July with my son. Stay 2 nights at Royal Pacific but purchase 2 park - 3 day passes. This way we can go the parks on our check in day and check out day. However, when I try to plan directly through the Universal site, it automatically throws a 3 park 2 day pass in the cart and I can’t figure out how to change it to a 2 park 3 day pass. It is also possible to book the hotel only and purchase the tickets elsewhere such as through undercover tourist? I am finding it very difficult to customize the trip directly through the Universal site. Thanks!

I always book separately, there is no savings from Universal when booking a package. So just book hotel only on Uni site, then buy tickets on Undercover Tourist. I have done this for every trip, no issues.


Okay - next question. I see where I can book hotel only. If staying at Royal Pacific but purchasing tickets separately, do we still get the express pass for staying at Royal Pacific? When I go in to purchase tickets separately it then costs extra as an add-on for the express passes.

Yes you will get express with a room only stay. It is triggered by your room stay, not your tickets.


You also might get a good deal buying the 2 park 2 day ticket with the 2 days free promotion going on now.

Those tickets won’t work for a trip in July. They have to be used by May 31st, 2019.

Oops. Yes. You are correct. Just looked at mine. I assumed a year expiration.

I am also going July 2019. I ended up buying 2 night Royal Pacific at for $439 a night (night before and after staying at best western universal inn, but will still get 3 days worth of express passes doing this and cut down on hotel cost) then bought tickets in undercover tourist. The promo ticket on UT with no blockout dates for 5 days was cheaper than the 3 or 4 day I was originally planning on buying. These 5 day promo tickets in UT with no July black out dates just went live on their site around June 12, 2019. It was cheaper me piecing together than the packages.

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I ended up booking the hotel and buying tickets through UT. Saved about $150 that way when compared to what Universal was offering back in March when I ended up booking. We will have 2 night/3days before jumping over to Disney World. I called Royal Pacific and confirmed everything is in order for our reservations in a couple of weeks!

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