Booking for Cali DVC resorts

An idea was raised about booking for DLR in 2026 vs WDW as the kids have never been there

I thought I had read somewhere that if you book for there (or any non-WDW resorts) the points stay allocated to those areas. Am I misremembering?

I’d want to be certain I could cancel and rebook at a WDW resort if something happened to fall through.

I don’t know about holding specifically, but for any other booking this is not the case. Particularly when I booked at Hilton Head I was moving points around a lot, and none of the points stuck with Hilton Head only. Same for Aulani - I moved from Garden View to Standard View and those points went right back where they came from.

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Maybe someone had booked a West coast resort through the Collection? Collection points stay in the Collection.



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You should do it!

I love that this is one of the few places where it to start thinking about what you are doing in 2026. With banking points etc. it is important! I have a conference in Anaheim in 2026 so I need to start looking at my points and figuring out what I will have available.


Well I personally have dreams of Grand Villa for that time frame, once again bringing my mom and Aunt

but this was another idea that was raised and I said I would look into it

I can say that the 2BR at GCH seems to have decent availability at the 7mos mark per DVC help and is pretty affordable. And also no transient tax


That’s interesting. What time of year were you looking at?

Mid to late June

Since DLR is more of a locals park this makes sense to me


IIRC some.of the passes start their black out towards the end of June.

Like, general tickets?

Or are you raising this as a reason why availability might open up?

Season passes. Reasons why crowds might be lower and availability might open up. Worth checking the passholder calendar because it makes a difference for crowds (which would seem to impact availability too).

I think the hardest part is that all the 2 bedrooms are lock offs.

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Yeah but we are beholden to the schedules of two kids whose schedules conflict most of the time. So we can go when we can go and we will have to take what we can get. This is not restricted to a DLR trip LOL. It’s the whole and only reason we are going end of June again :hot_face:

Good news - the bottom two.passes are both blacked out this year starting June 7. So that gives you lots of flexibility. And hopefully plenty of inventory.

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