Booking for 7

Hello! We typically book all of the popular character dining a (CRT, Chef Mickeys, etc) and I have no problem getting the reservations we want as a family of 5. This time we are taking my parents so we will be a table of 7.

Will it be exponentially harder to secure those reservations as a table of 7? Should I look to split up 3 and 4 or will I be ok booking for 7?

You can certainly try for 7 but many (most?) restaurants won’t have that availability. Best to have two reservations and inform them on arrival that you’d like to sit as near to each other, or all together, as possible.

We had reasonably good luck booking for 7. The restaurants that I could not get 7 were Kona Cafe and Yak and Yeti. We should up to check in early, asked to be seated near each other (we had 2 reservations) and in both cases, they put us at a table that seated all of us.

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I was booking at 60+10, so I know that gave me an advantage, but I was able to get Biergarten, chef mickeys, Ohana, beaches and cream for 7. Space 220 lounge I had to do two reservations. I booked whispering canyon later and had to do two reservations.

I also had luck booking for 8 when we went as a party of 7. When we got to the restaurant I’d just tell them there were only 7 of us. I didn’t feel too bad as we had a relative in town who we didn’t know when might be able to join us. The only place it caused an issue was Tepan Edo because they wanted to seat a full table.

I really feel like seating 7 vs 8 people takes the same table space at most places. :woman_shrugging:

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