Booking FFP 60 days/30 days on same trip?

I am planning a trip for September 2016. I will be staying on property for 6 nights with 7 day tickets (Sunday 9/18 through Saturday 9/24). We are driving to the World and will be arriving in the area later in the day on Saturday 9/23 and staying somewhere off property (did not think spending the extra money to stay the extra night on property was worth it). But we would potentially like to add an 8th day to our park tickets to use for the evening we arrive. I know on property guests get to book FPP 60 days out - which would work for my days 9/18 - 9/24. But what about that 8th day add on? Once 30 days rolls around will it be as easy as just clicking on that day to add FPP or is it going to mess up all my planning and force me to only make FPP selections for my entire trip 30 days out?

Hopefully that wasn’t too confusing.


There have been recent reports of a glitch in the system. People have been able to book off site FP at day 60 (exactly 60 days) if the offsite days are after their on site stay. If the offsite stay happens before the onsite stay people have been able to book the offsite days when your on site stay opens. The only complication may be that there has been something about a 7 day limit? Do you have 8 day tickets linked?

Thanks for the information!
I have yet to book my trip, but I am planning to have them linked

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