Booking fastpass on a 14 day ticket, with first 5 days onsite

So I’m travelling to wdw from 15-25 February. I am staying onsite in POR for the first 5 days and then offsite. I have booked by first 5 days of fastpass at the 60 day window. However, I am not able to book fast passes beyond the 20 February, even though I have a 14 day ticket and I’m within the 30 day window. Is there a trick I am overlooking?

Thank you so much

Does the website give you any hint why your FPPs can’t book?

Alas not - the days beyond the 20th are just greyed out - I cant select them

I am within the 30 day window for the 21 / 22 February.

But Weirdly they have just appeared. Really - Just after I posted this, having been checking them all day, they have now appeared. Like magic!

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Sorry, realised the dates were within the 30 day window literally seconds after posting.

Glad it sorted itself out though. You will only be able to book until the 22nd just now, then day by day.

And now it’s gone again

I think you should call! Copied and pasted from my notes:

Liner Daily Tip #68: Having problems with MDE, MB, and/or FPP? Call WDW IT at 407-939-7765 or 407-939-4357

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And you should be able to book the 23rd today too. :frowning:

Yesterday, and the day before, the Disney app on my phone wouldn’t recognize I had tickets when I tried to look at Fastpasses even though when I went over to where it shows my tickets, my pass was there. I then logged in from my computer, and it worked fine.

Today, I am having no problems checking from my phone. So I think there was a system glitch yesterday. Hopefully it is working for you today.

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I would bet this has to do with the changes for MFSR. A lot of people must be going to MDE at the same time and the system couldn’t handle it.

I was told you can only book so many days of fast passes. I’m not sure if it’s 7 or 10 days. Then you can book fast passes as you use one day up. I also stay for 2 weeks and have never been able to book all the fast passes ahead of time.

That’s true for an Annual Pass, unless you are staying in a resort, in which case you can book for your entire resort stay. If you just havenormal tickets, you should be able to schedule all FPs for all ticket days.

Well i figured out how to resolve while waiting on hold for 30 mins for Disney IT.
1 Launch fastpass calendar window, see only 15-20 feb available
2 Hit refresh browser which returns me to list of fastpasses in my plan. Launch calendar window again. Repeat ad nauseum
3. All dates appear
Maybe strange browser caching issue on both chrome and safari and on the MDE app

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