Booking Dining

First timer here…
When I book my ADR’s is it better to let a travel agent do it or do it yourself? I worry about if my travel agent has more than just mine to do that day!

You can book your dining reservations at 6 am eastern time. Chances are your travel agent will still be in bed when the time hits…especially if you live in another time zone.

I make all of my ADRs - if I can’t get the exact one I want, I can change my plans on the fly. I never use a TA for anything.

I’d just do them yourself - it’s easy and you will know better than a TA if you can’t get the exact time, would a different time work, would you rather switch days, is there a different restaurant to try etc.

I agree, I would do them myself. Plus- why allow someone else that thrill when it confirms that ADR that you were fearful would not be available?

40 days to go and the reservation finder has been popping up some finds. I’ve been shuffling fastpass reservations as my dining plans change. So I think it’s better to do it yourself for the previous reasons, and if you want to move things around you have that option.

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I agree with everyone here, you want to do them yourself. If you’re like me, you’ll book them then change some. Book all the ones you really want first then go back and do your arrival date through departure date.

What is the reservation finder?
Sorry this is all new to me!!

Here is a link to information about the finder.

Was just about to do a shout out to reservation finder, then I saw this thread. For the last week, I have had to change things up because of family coming in, and changes in plans with a lot of other family visiting with us in the parks. Reservation finder has been SOOOO helpful in being able to make the changes I needed. Thank you to this wonderful site for helping with the planning.

Oh, and I am 5 days out for my trip!


We hope you have so much fun! Our family is 10 days out from the magic.